Gracie The Dog

Head Greeter



Gracie is an AKC Registered, White West Highland Terrier. Sired by Papaw Scruffy and Dame Chelsie Buening, Gracie was born in Missouri in August 2006. She became a member of the Nelson family in December of 2006.

Gracie's chief responsibility at Nelson Financial Strategies is that of Head Greeter, and her sweet disposition has made her a favorite of many business owners and patrons in the Lake Wales downtown business district. She is characteristically adept at sniffing, and she brings a smile to the face of every client she greets and all who pass by our offices. Although she has many interests, Gracie is especially fond of riding in the car to work, shuffling papers, head pats and back scratches, toy squirrels, puppy treats, and midday naps.