Kelly Nelson

Vice-President / Owner


[email protected]


A native of Madisonville, KY, Kelly graduated from North Hopkins Sr. High School and began her Associates Degree studies at Madisonville Community College. Following their marriage in April of 1984, she moved with Jimmy to Norfolk, VA, where he was stationed with the U.S. Navy. While in Virginia, Kelly continued her work in banking, which she began as a teenager at Farmers Bank and Trust in Madisonville. She also continued her college studies at Tidewater Jr. College.

After his discharge from the Navy, Kelly and Jimmy returned to Madisonville and she went to work for the town's leading CPA firm. She became a mother with the birth of Kristin in August of 1989, and then Maggie was born in June of 1993. Just a few months after Maggie's birth, the family moved to Florida and Kelly focused primarily on her roles as wife, mother, and home-school teacher to Kristin and Maggie. Once she had successfully educated both of the girls through the eighth grade, Kelly was again able to turn her talents towards the financial advisory business.

With her valuable experience in banking and accounting, Kelly now works as the Business Manager and Bookkeeper for Nelson Financial Strategies. However, those closest to her most appreciate her grace, humor, and personal fortitude, not to mention her penchants for high heels and interior decoration. She is also known by her gift for singing, which is what first turned the head of a certain young sailor over thirty years ago.